Monday, December 26, 2011

Message from spirit


So, this morning I had the pleasure of using my Joie de Vivre tarot deck. Here is what the cards said :)

Tower - I saw this and immediately heard in my head the words "falling down". I seriously have a hard time letting myself go and this is what blocks me from progressing at times. The butterflies assure me that if I just let go, I will be okay. The beautiful butterflies have my back.

Five of Swords - This card shows the struggle within me. part of me is angry and sad and I need to come to some sort of resolve. I see myself just being miserable with my life and that needs to change.

Queen of Wands- This queen usually shows up when talking about my artistic endeavors. She is signaling me to grow and create what I desire in my life. set the stage for things to manifest in my life. Lighten up and be happy!

Seven of Coins - Patience is key as I tend to want things to happen so quickly. This is a time of reflection and tending to self in order to see the positive results I want to see growing in .my life.

This reading hit home for me as I am going through a period of change :).

Happy Holidays!

Just wishing everyone a wonderful holiday!! I will be posting soon though. Things have been pretty hectic with packing and getting ready to move. I look forward to sharing my tarot readings once again. Love and Peace. xoxo