Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What do I need to be aware of today?

I decided to pick a card from my Angels,Gods and Goddesses Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno and received the Goddess of Compassion - Self -criticism is diminishing your sense of self worth. 

At times I find myself being the awful self critic and it truly needs to stop, but it can be so hard for me to show myself some compassion. If I hear others  criticizing themselves I give them compassion. Why don't I do that for me too...lol. I am realizing that I need to treat myself better and to always be mindful of any negative thoughts that may pop into my head. Funny thing is that when I looked up at the clock and saw 11:11 (before pulling a card) I made a wish  asking for help in realizing my self worth and that I am worthy of receiving all that is good. So for this card to show up is a very wonderful confirmation.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Relationship Reading

Here is another reading I did for a querent concerning relationships.
Deck I used was Hanson Roberts.

Song from Ipod : Spontaneous by Honey Larochelle

Calling for you to take chances in love. Step out your comfort zone.

Angel Card : Energy Work

1. What must you do to attract a loving relationship into your life? 6 of Pentacles - In this card there is a figure who has scales in his hands and he is happy to give what he has to those in need. In matters of love I see you as this figure. Giving your love which is represented by the coins being handed over. You have a lot of love to give abd when in love you are happy to share it, but what is given to you in return? There has to be a balance in relationships. Not just one sided love. It's a give and take. I feel like the hurt has come from you giving your love so much and not seeing it returned fairly.

2. What does does she need to be happy in life and love? The World/Page of Cups - You need to see yourself as the center of attention. Like a Superstar with the world at your feet. You also have to feel complete with self. No one can fill that space, but you :) So, embrace your beautiful and strong self and all will be right in your world! Just to clarify what the World means I pulled the Page of Cups. The page is a youthful person or youth who is full of love, a new love at that. Innocence and sweetness! He/She brings a message of love and peace. You have to be open to love. I feel that there is faith needed again in order to feel the love you need and deserve. You need to speak and think love (I heard that in my head).

3. What can she do to prepare herself for a loving romantic relationship? 3 of Cups - This is a card all about having fun and celebrating! Since there are 3 women on this card I immediately thought of close girlfriends that you can go out with? Maybe to an outing where you eat and drink together! Enjoy the company of other women that you can learn and share with. It can be sisters,aunts,mom or any woman figure in your life! I am also feeling woman energy. Getting in touch with your feminity. You may be wondering, but I am a woman already so why do I need to gey in touch with it...haha. I am thinking connecting with the Goddess energy. I just feel this strongly for you. This will for sure help you in beautiful ways. Pamper yourself with that energy and take time for you. Get in touch with your inner Empress!

4. Outcome if advice is taken? High Priestess/10 of Pentacles - These cards tell me that if you listen to the advice given, you will be set for the long run. The High Priestess is all about secrets and the unknown. She is intuitive.I feel that what you need to know is alrady inside you. I heard in my head "Be the Mystery". I take that to mean be mysterious a bit in love. Don't give yourself away keep some things to yourself. Usually when people can not figure you out they want to know more! Intrigue them. !0 of Pentacles which is a clarifying card for the High Priestess is all about longevity. You want to be in love for the long haul. You are big on family and wanting a lasting and commited relationship. You can have that and more! Follow your intuition and it will lead you to where you want to be in love and life!

I pray that this reading resonates with you and Good Luck!!!

The Verdict?

So out of curiosity, I asked the cards What would be the outcome verdict of the Dr. Conrad Murray trial (Michael Jacksonn's doctor) and received these following carrds :

Six of Swords -
Nine of Swords
King of Swords

Noticing how all the cards I pulled were Swords is crazy. My gut tells me that it is a gut wrenching feeling about this outcome. I felt that the King of Swords definitely relates to the Judge and the anguish that Conrad is feeling and more so that he will be sentenced. My feeling is that he would be found Guilty.

I am posting this way before the verdict is in and pray that I am interpreting these cards right.

11/7/11 @ 12:39PM Los Angeles,CA