Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tarot Blog Hop : How Can I be a better Candle

Hello!!! Welcome to all who have come from Rose Red Robinson's page :)

For my submission (Tarot Round Robin ) I decided to write a poem which was a bit challenging, but I pray that you will like it!

The Flame

Hot and illuminating
fire fueled and undying
She is like the burning candle.
Perfect and unperfect at the same time.
Wishing to burn her light for eternity.

She worries of the wind blowing out her 
beautiful light, but like the good candle she
is she keeps her light about her and continues on
long after the smoke has died.

Dripping and imprinting her name for all to see,
she is the perfect candle.
Bright, light and full of glow, just like the Ace of Wands
she stands for that passion that burns inside all of us.
Her flame lingers on into the night.

I hope that you enjoyed your stay here and now on to ..... Tabi's page!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Up in the Sky! Reading for a friend

I recently did a reading for a good friend and here is what the cards had to say :)
Deck used for this reading was the *Universal Waite

Questions :

1.What would be the outcome of you returning to Flight Attending? 10 of Pentacles which I felt great about! You will have MONEY!!!! Yay! Stability and security for sure. I also felt that this would definitely have you meeting different people which that deals with traveling too.

I then asked two more questions

2. Would it be wise for you to apply for corporate flying?  10 of Cups! Another 10!!! Emotionally security and a sense of belonging to  a family  I feel that you would feel right at home through corporate flying so if you felt that then this is the direction to go!

3.Would it be wise for you to apply for commercial flying? 5 of Pentales My reaction to this was NO! My eyes focused on the figure (one of the figures) who was on crutches and I felt like there was not much of any support or security for you
It seemed to me that you would not like it very much
So I think you have a shot at corporate flying!!! I pray hat this reading resonates any feelings you may have about it