Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tarot Blog Hop : How Can I be a better Candle

Hello!!! Welcome to all who have come from Rose Red Robinson's page :)

For my submission (Tarot Round Robin ) I decided to write a poem which was a bit challenging, but I pray that you will like it!

The Flame

Hot and illuminating
fire fueled and undying
She is like the burning candle.
Perfect and unperfect at the same time.
Wishing to burn her light for eternity.

She worries of the wind blowing out her 
beautiful light, but like the good candle she
is she keeps her light about her and continues on
long after the smoke has died.

Dripping and imprinting her name for all to see,
she is the perfect candle.
Bright, light and full of glow, just like the Ace of Wands
she stands for that passion that burns inside all of us.
Her flame lingers on into the night.

I hope that you enjoyed your stay here and now on to ..... Tabi's page!


Tarot By Arwen said...

I enjoyed your post. I love the creative spin you took

Rose Red said...

This is quite lovely. Thank you for such a beautiful take on the theme.

Claire-Marie Le Normand said...

Yes, we do wish that our light will burn for eternity, don't we?

Jordan said...

Wonderful Empress antinomy, her integrated contrasts! Thanks for versing your post!

Quirky Empress said...

Thanks guys!! Much appreciated :)

VioletteKitty504 said...

Such a beautiful way to express your feelings on this Stephanie! So creative and very inspiring as well!