Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going to the Chapel of love.....

This is a reading I did for a querent seeking to know about marriage :)
(I used the Zerner- Farber deck )

                                  1. What is preventing you from finding a marriage partner?
Ace of Cups - This card speaks of new and exciting love! Big love (Not the show..lol), but why would this be preventing you from finding a marriage partner? I drew a clarifying card just to see and received...6 of Hearts. I felt that there was someone from your past that is preventing you from finding that marriage partner. Looking back at the Ace of Hearts I am wondering if your heart has never fully gotten over this person? Is this person from your childhood?

2. How would you go about finding the perfect partner to wed?
The Fool - You have to get out there!!! Be a people person which I know can be difficult at times. Go on an adventure to find that groom...haha. Go out exploring. When I see the fool I think of places outdoors like outdoor markets(Farmer's Market) or maybe even open malls!
Concerts even.

3. What type of bride would you be?
The Tower - I know that The Tower is all about outdated foundations crumbling down to make way for a new foundation, but I felt that you would be a bride that is non traditional. You like to shake things up a bit! I asked for clarity on this and pulled
  The Judgment : I feel the this card shows an awakening of self to be the bride you want to be. Going back to the Tower again you may also have to crumble down the ideas you have of a bride period. You are a unique individual and you have to get rid of those thoughts that may hold you back from becoming a bride. Try not to be too hard on yourself (I know because I do it to myself).

4. What does spirit want you to know about your desire to wed?
King of Wands - Now this card I felt "Yes!" all over it :) You have to be like the King of Wands and take action. Fire is all about passion and desire! Creating the possibilities for a loving realtionship to enter your life. Being pro active in finding that man out there! From an intuitive feeling it feels positive and great! Spirit wants you to get out there and take action!

Extra insight - I pulled an Angel card for you from my "Daily Guidance from your Angels" by Doreen Virtue. 

Energy Work - This card shows that you would benefit from receiving energy work or doing energy work for others! I feel the the angels are stating in relation to your reading that energy work is required before commiting yourself to marriage. I checked the bottom card and totally goes with the reading too! The bottom card is What Do You Desire? Write down what is is that you are desiring from a mate and what type of marriage you would love to have and I feel that visualizing it also would help (If you are a visual person) too! Imagine your wedding day, but even after that the life you want! I feel that this would totally help you. I have been listening to Summer McStravick's show Flowdreaming and she states feeling as if are in the moment. Get into the flow of your creation and the Universe will match your flow vibration and what you desire will come. She can explain it better than I am doing...lol, but look her up on Itunes for her podcast :)

I pray that this reading is of help and it resonates! Let me know :)

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