Saturday, October 8, 2011

So, I am sitting here trying to figure out what deck to use as my opening entry...haha. This is not my first blog (I have many attempts!), but it is a first one dealing with my interest and love of tarot and oracle cards. You can say that I am a tarot/oracle card junkie for sure. Whenever I see a new deck I just have to get it! As of now I am low on funds so that is out of the question, but I know that I will eventually get that beautiful deck! Anyway, it is like 10:39am here in Los Angeles and I am really feeling the beautiful feel of Autumn. The feeling that comes over me is one of earthy comfort. Doesn't Fall just feel so awesome!?
To break in this blog I have decided that I will draw a card from my Doreen Virtue : Angel Therapy Deck! Let's see what the Angels have to say :)
I actually started to draw only one card, but I was compelled to draw three..hehe.

Base Chakra - I had to laugh when I saw this card as it relates to all things of a primal physical material need. I have been worrying about finances and how I am going to pay this bill or that bill. I need to definitely heal and use positive words in relation to my material needs.
Law of Attraction - This card speaks to me as I have been seeking to attract what I want in my life. I listen to Summer McStravick's Flowdreaming series and really want to seriously put it to use. I can not sit around anymore and take a back seat in my life. I want change, but I find myself being lazy/fearful about progressing forward! I have to be in alignment with what it is I desire.
Parents -  I think this card is connected to my dad. He passed last year in Sept and I know that he is still looking after me :) It still hurts that he is no longer here in physical form, but I know that he is not suffering at all. My dad was a very great father and I appreciated all that he has done for me. This also tells me that my dad is happy!

All in all there truly needs to be a change in the way I view my current financial situation and to create the life that I so desire! I am the creator of my life along with the God/Goddess upstairs! I just have to have the faith that all things can be achieved through belief in self and the creator.  I just have to be willing to change what is not working for me :)

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